Building the largest freight bridge in the world

A giant bridge in Norway has been built by a team of engineers, architects and materials scientists.

The $1.8 billion bridge, which spans the Norwegian Channel, will be built from a steel platform to be lifted by barges from the Baltic Sea.

The span is made up of a series of structures which are linked by a series or tunnels.

This is the largest and most complex bridge in Europe, according to the Norwegian firm Aesgaard Construction.

It is also the largest span of steel that has ever been built in Norway.

The bridge is being built by the Aesgard Construction team.

The structure is made of 18 different components, including: A steel tube, called a “snowman,” that connects the structure to the sea The main structure that connects to the bridge, called “M” which connects the bridge to the harbor The “B” that connects it to the mainland, called the “Brigg” and is connected to the main bridge The “S” which goes between the two sides of the bridge and connects them to the docks, called The “C” that goes between two sides and connects to both sides of a boat and is linked to the deck The “H” that is connected with the hull, which connects it with the bow of the boat and between two hulls, called Akslarskirk.

A bridge spanning the northernmost part of the Baltic and the largest in Europe.

The Aesgdakt bridge will also be the world’s largest, at around 2.5 kilometers (1.9 miles).

The bridge was designed by Danish engineering firm Bjarke Ingels Group.

“It’s a really ambitious project, because it is a bridge spanning a lake,” says Aeslund’s Lars Kåre.

“The idea was to build a bridge that can reach the northern end of the lake, where the sea meets the water, and that is the northern tip of the iceberg of the island of Gotland.

The project is so ambitious that it’s really a test for a bridge span in the Arctic that spans both the water and land.”

The structure will have an initial span of 18 kilometers (10 miles), which will be extended by three to six meters (20 feet).

The span will then be extended three times.

The longest of the six stretches of the span will be about one kilometer (one mile), and will connect the northern and southern ends of the harbor, with a new connection between the northern shore and the southern end.

Akskirk, the bridge’s anchor point, will also connect to the northern side of the structure.

“I think it will be a real milestone in the construction of the world-leading bridge, as the first bridge span that spans the ocean and is able to cross the entire length of the northern part of Gotlands island,” Aeskirk’s Lars A. Kristiansen said.

The total span will span around 17 kilometers (11.6 miles), and is expected to cost around $1 billion.

The construction of Aksbirk has been under way for more than 20 years.

“Aksbirks construction is being completed and will begin in 2018, after which it will continue for another three years and be complete in 2023,” Akslaget said in a press release.

“At the same time, a total of 870 kilometers (580 miles) of steel pipe is being installed on the southern side of this bridge, and the total span is to be completed in 2029.

The length of this span has been considered to be the most extensive in the Baltic, and is currently the longest in Europe.”

It is expected that this bridge span will become the most expensive bridge span on the planet, and possibly the most costly bridge span ever built.

“This bridge span is estimated to cost more than $4 billion.

I believe that is a record,” said Aksåkirk in a news release.

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