How to get the best price for shipping containers and trailers at Harbor Freight – Fox News

The shipping industry is in a race to get more containers on the road, and the best way to get those containers into the hands of shoppers is by driving them across state lines.

The Federal Trade Commission’s new rule will put a $50,000 cap on the cost of trucking containers.

The agency says trucks are the most economical way to deliver goods across state borders, and they’re cheaper than trucks driving across the border itself.

That’s because shipping companies have to negotiate with freight companies about where containers can be shipped and when.

The rules apply to all cargo shipped by truck and rail, but it applies to most other types of container.

The FTC says a truck will cost between $50 and $100 more than a rail truck, depending on the size and weight of the container, including the container’s load.

A truck could be 10 times more expensive to transport than a truck traveling at 70 mph, but a rail shipment could be half the price.

The new rule applies to cargo shipped within the continental U.S., but the FTC says it will be affected by how long containers can keep the truck in a storage locker before they are shipped.

The rule was developed to address the cost savings and to help truck companies reduce the risk of a freight accident.

It’s the latest step in the battle between trucking companies and freight companies over the price of shipping containers.

Last year, the Obama administration created a “shipping container rebalancing commission” to examine the pricing practices of truck companies.

The commission concluded that companies were not meeting their duties of fair and reasonable competition by charging significantly higher prices for shipping boxes than for cargo.

The FTC’s new rules will apply to containers that can be stacked vertically, like a pallet, but they will not apply to pallets that are stacked horizontally.

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