Tucson’s Harbor Freight is moving ahead with the next step in its revitalization project

Posted January 13, 2019 06:29:55A new downtown downtown development project will see the construction of a new waterfront pedestrian bridge over the Mississippi River that will connect downtown to downtown Tucson.

Tucson Riverkeeper, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the river, will take on the task of rebuilding the new bridge.

The project is a joint effort between Tucuzas Harbor Freights and the City of Tucson.

The bridge, which will connect the riverfront to the downtown core, will feature an outdoor deck, two pedestrian walkways and an underground deck for the public.

“We want to be the bridge that bridges the gap between the city and the waterfront,” said Amanda Smith, a spokesperson for the Tucus Riverkeeper.

The riverfront bridge project is being funded by the city of Tucson, which purchased the river in 1996 for $1.9 billion.

The city has been looking to replace the bridge since then, but was unable to secure the funds.

Smith said the bridge project will not replace the existing pedestrian bridge.

Instead, the riverkeeper plans to use the bridge as an example of how Tucson can work with other cities to create more sustainable downtowns.

Smith added that the bridge will also serve as an opportunity for the river to become a destination for people who come to Tucson for shopping and entertainment.

Tacoma is a major shopping and dining destination in the city, but Smith said that is where the majority of people who visit Tucson go for shopping.

Smith hopes that the project will also bring new business to downtown, which is facing challenges from other factors, including an aging downtown population and increasing crime.

She said the city hopes to see a resurgence of the river and the downtown, but is also looking to help the river’s ecosystem.

“This is a new development project that’s going to bring in more foot traffic into downtown Tucson,” Smith said.

“Tucus is one of the most economically developed cities in the nation and the river has played an important role in our city’s development for many years.”

The riverkeeper will use the river as a way to bring new residents into downtown and the area.

Smith also said that the river will help the area’s economy and make the riverwalk feel like a destination.

“It’s an exciting time for the city.

We want people to feel comfortable in downtown Tucson, and we want people from out of town to come into downtown,” Smith added.

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