How to build a freight elevator from a truck

The American freight elevator is a great idea.

Its a simple yet effective way to move cargo from a shipping yard to your home or office.

In this article we’ll walk through how you can get started building a freight elevator.

You can even build a prototype by following our step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1: The hardware and tools You’ll need: A truck, a frame, and a lifting platform (also called a cargo elevator).1.

Get a Trailer with a Trailer Rack.

Trailer racks are commonly used for truck trailers, so you can also use a trailer for this project.

For more information on trailer racks, check out our article: How to Build a Trailer for a Truck Trailer.2.

Make a Cargo Elevator.

To start, make a frame with a trailer hitch attached to it.

This will give you some flexibility to attach different pieces of hardware to different pieces.

You’ll also want to make sure that your frame has a hitch that attaches to the trailer.

For our frame, we used a 2-foot-wide, 1-foot tall trailer hitch.3.

Drill a hole in the top of your frame.

You don’t want to drill a hole through the truck bed.

You want to put a hole directly in the ground.

To do this, you’ll need to drill two holes on both sides of the frame, which should be at least 1-inch apart.4.

Attach a 3-foot, 1,500-pound load to the bottom of your trailer.

To make sure your load is safe, attach it to the hitch at the end of the trailer, so that the hitch is directly in line with the bottom.

This way, you won’t have to adjust your frame to fit your load.5.

Attached the frame to the top.

To attach your frame, you can either use a 2×4 or 2×6.

For the 2×2 frame, drill two 1- by 1- foot holes, which will allow you to attach the frame directly to the ground, without having to cut any holes in the trailer frame.6.

Make the frame fit your trailer by cutting a line in the hitch that goes through the center of the hitch.

This line should go all the way around the frame.

This allows you to cut the frame down to the proper size.7.

Drill two holes through the top and bottom of the load.

This should allow you access to the frame’s underside, so your frame can be raised.8.

Cut a hole at the bottom to attach your cargo elevator.

Make sure to attach this line to the hole you drilled for the frame at the top, and the hole in your frame that was just drilled for your frame’s bottom.9.

Attaching the frame and cargo elevator Together, your cargo elevators should look like this:10.

You should now be able to lift a truck with your cargo.

You might want to add some additional equipment to make the elevator safer.

First, attach the lifting platform to the side of the cargo elevator and secure it with a screw.

The lifting platform can then be attached to the outside of your cargo frame, allowing you to lift your cargo to your trailer without having any of the metal parts in your cargo trailer being exposed.

You could also attach a ladder to the cargo frame.

Once you have a platform that you can attach to the lift and your cargo, attach your lift to the platform.

Your lift should then be able lift your trailer out of the ground and into the cargo lift.

You can also add additional equipment for your cargo lift to increase its safety.

For example, you could add an electric lift or other means to move your cargo out of your truck bed and into your cargo room.

You may also want an electric elevator, but we’ll get into that in a moment.

Step 2: The assemblyStep 2 of the assembly is to attach all the hardware that goes into your freight elevator to your frame and trailer.

This includes the lifting rack and a cargo ladder.

We’ll also add a battery charger and a small light.

The battery charger is a standard 1-volt battery, and should be a fairly standard 2-volt.

The light is a lightbulb-like device that comes in a package with your trailer hitch and your frame assembly.

It will be used to illuminate your cargo lifts so you don’t forget to lock it in place.

To put this on your trailer, we attached the battery to the front of the chassis, along with a 1-amp power outlet.

Step 3: Attaching your frameNext, attach a 2×4 frame to your cargo platform and attach the 2×2 frame to it with 2 bolts.

Next, attach 2 more 2×8 bolts to your 2×6 frame.

Lastly, attach an electric cable to the cable harness on your cargo ladder to make it a bit easier to attach it.

Step 4: Att

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