How to build a steel mill for $1 million: A primer

By Chris Herring and Emily RatajkowskiFor the past year, the company behind Harbor Freight’s flagship aluminum axe has been quietly working on a new product.

For the first time, the two sides have agreed on a deal to build the $1-million, 1,200-square-foot mill, dubbed the “Cedar Tree.”

That deal was reached on Feb. 14, and Harbor Freights CEO Gary C. Wiese said in a press release the project will bring jobs and revenue to the town of Yreka.

The Cedar Tree is a 10-foot-tall steel, aluminum and concrete tower with a three-story roof, with an industrial grade steel frame and a 3-foot diameter.

Harbor Freighters also will build a 3,000-square foot greenhouse for the mill and an 18,000 square foot warehouse.

The steel, concrete and aluminum tower is the second in the company’s line of new-builds, after the $300 million Cedar Tree.

In addition to the new-built towers, the Cedar Tree will be the only steel mill in the world to have a fully automated and self-service process.

The new Cedar Tree mill will also employ 500 people, according to Wieses press release.

The mill will be constructed in Yrekas first city, which was previously known as Ketchum, but the project is expected to bring about 2,000 jobs to the city.

In addition to its steel mill, the project also includes an industrial building, an indoor-outdoor retail center, a 10,000 seat arena and a 50,000 sq. ft. greenhouse.

Harbor is also seeking to build another industrial building and a 2,500 sq. foot outdoor retail center in Yreskes second city.

The lumbermill will be built in Yrezkes third city, where it will employ 800 people.

The company plans to employ 500 employees at the mill.

The lumbermill is the only remaining mill in Yrenks city, according the company.

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