New Zealand’s new cargo ships may not be the best way to get rid of old stuff

New Zealand is set to launch its first fleet of new cargo vessels that will take its old haulage machinery and convert it to ferries.

Key points:Auckland’s fleet of ships will be launched at the end of next yearThe vessels will have new engines and new materials, but will still carry cargo and other goodsThe vessels are intended to replace the existing fleet of about 1,500 vessels in Auckland Harbour, with plans to increase the number of vessels to about 2,000 by 2021The Government is hoping to get to 50 vessels in 2020, but there are concerns about costsThe ships will carry cargo, as well as other goods, but not the type of haulage currently used on ships.

The vessels can carry more than 1,000 tonnes of cargo and carry up to 1,200 passengers.

They are meant to replace Auckland’s fleet which has been operating since 1887.

The new ships will have an extra engine and a new material, but they will still be the type used on boats in Auckland.

The Government has been working to modernise the harbour’s infrastructure since 2014, and the Government is looking to expand the fleet of vessels over the next few years.

New Zealand is currently the only country in the world to run a fleet of cargo ships.

It will be the first fleet to carry out all the work on the ships and the ships themselves will be built to operate in the high seas.

“We’re trying to do it right,” said Government Transport Minister Peter Dunne.

“This fleet will be designed to do the work that’s needed.”

Auckland Mayor Lianne Dalziel said the new vessels were the next logical step after replacing the old fleet of 1,300 vessels.

“It’s an important milestone,” she said.

“The vessels themselves will now be able to carry on with the work done by the old vessels.

It will mean that there will be new vessels on the horizon.”

New Zealand’s fleet will consist of two new vessels: the CMA-2, which will carry heavy cargo such as oil and petroleum products and diesel fuel, and a second vessel, the C-2 Cargo, which is expected to carry a range of freight.

The CMA Cargo is expected a new model for heavy cargo.

The shipyard that built the new vessel said it was also designed to meet the Government’s targets for the new fleet to operate.

“They’re a fantastic example of how we’re moving in the right direction in terms of improving the quality of our harbour and the health of our water,” said John Waddell, president of the New Zealand Shipping Association.

“All of the work they’ve done to date has been absolutely fantastic and they’re a perfect example of what we can achieve in a very short space of time.”

In terms of the size of the fleet, the two vessels will be able go through the process of being designed and built as quickly as we need them to be and they’ll be in service in 2021.

“That means that they’ll get on the water in 2021 and 2021 is when the next fleet is expected.”

I can see them being operational in 2021.

“Mr Dunne said the Government was also keen to upgrade the harbour and infrastructure.”

But they’re also going to look at ways of improving things like the harbour itself so that we can have more efficient ships, better cargo handling.” “

The shipyards are all going to be looking at ways to upgrade that and that will give them a huge amount of flexibility in terms on how they build their ships.”

But they’re also going to look at ways of improving things like the harbour itself so that we can have more efficient ships, better cargo handling.

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