The Harbinger of the 21st Century: The Harburger of the Future

The Harburgers of the future are coming.

That’s the gist of the report released today by the National Transportation Safety Board.

It’s not entirely surprising, considering the rise of the big rigs.

These cars have been around since the 1930s and can reach speeds of up to 80 mph, according to the report.

They’ve also been used to haul cargo and haul freight.

The Harbushers of the past are coming, too.

They can reach 70 mph.

And they have an added benefit: a more ergonomic design, according the report: the Harburger can accommodate up to a 200-pound payload.

This is a big advantage in today’s market.

But this technology has its drawbacks.

The cars will require constant maintenance, even though the report says that they are more durable than older models.

The car must also be maintained for at least three years after it is retired.

The report also noted that the vehicles could be replaced with larger vehicles or even bigger trucks, as the report suggests.

The NTSB report, “Harbor Freight Ladders and Harburs,” was released this morning by the agency.

In it, the agency estimates that the number of cars in the U.S. is about 527 million.

The average car has an estimated fuel consumption of 4,400 pounds per mile, according a 2014 survey.

The study also notes that the cars are still being built, but that it’s difficult to predict when the new cars will be ready to go.

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