Why is the freight rail link to Dayton so expensive?

article article Posted October 15, 2018 05:38:57The $1.4 billion freight rail route between Dayton and Cleveland is currently running through a rural area with only a handful of residents.

However, the rail project has become a major source of controversy and criticism, with a new study indicating that the freight line would be a major cost burden for residents of that area.

The new study was conducted by a group of local government and environmental consultants and concluded that the rail line would cost $2.9 billion to construct and maintain, including the construction of a new rail bridge.

The cost of construction and maintenance of the railroad would also increase freight travel time by an average of 50 minutes each day, according to the report.

The study also found that a freight rail line between Dayton, Ohio, and Cleveland would take an average 1,200 passengers and 15 minutes to travel, but that would increase to 1,600 passengers and 18 minutes to the point of no return.

The railroad would likely cost an additional $600 million, according the study.

In a statement, the Dayton City Council said the study’s results “show that the cost of the project is a serious concern for residents in the Dayton-Cleveland area.”

The study’s authors also called on the county to consider a moratorium on construction and said they would not release the study if the county did not agree to their recommendations.

“The County Council has been asked repeatedly to study the costs and benefits of the rail corridor and to take appropriate action if needed,” the statement said.

“The study is based on public input and we remain committed to working with the County to make this important project a reality.”

This is an important project that has a very important impact on our community and our economy,” it continued.

The city said the rail link would benefit local businesses and residents by reducing travel time and allowing residents to get around town more easily.

However the study did find that the project would increase greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion, according an accompanying press release.

The project would also be detrimental to wildlife, the release said.

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