Freight magnets: The best way to clear a lane of traffic

A lot of freight travels by rail, but some still have to cross the road in the dark.

The problem is the lights are usually on and the vehicles are driving at night, and the road is narrow and slippery, so the cars don’t always get through safely.

“We’ve seen it all,” says Anthony Crouch of the Association of Australian Freight Transport Operators (AAFTO).

“You’ve got vehicles going round in circles, with lights and everything, and people in them, and you’ve got to have a good clear lane for them to get through.”

The AAFTO has set up the Clear Lane Freight Network, a network of companies and individuals in the Sydney area who have set up clear lanes in their own areas to help clear the road.

It’s called the Freight Traffic Network (FTN).

There’s a lot of work to do, and there’s a whole lot of frustration and frustration with what’s happened in recent years.

When I came in to work, the lights were turned on and it was a really busy time, but I couldn’t see the road at all because the light had gone out.

It was only when I started driving down the road that I saw it.

The lanes were so narrow that I couldn.

So the lights have to be switched off at the end of the day, and it’s really a huge problem.

So we’re now making the changes we need to, but we still have a long way to go.

How do I find out more about the Clear Lanes Freight Road Network?

There’s a dedicated section on the AAFTOA website for people to ask questions.

The main information page includes the name of the company and the number of vehicles, their licence plate numbers and the type of vehicle they’re in.

We also have a short survey that has been running for the past year.

It asks people to provide information on their experience with the lights on and off, and what they find most difficult about getting around on the roads at night.

There are also links to various road safety websites, such as Road Safety NSW and Road Safety Australia, which have information about road safety and lane clearing.

I think it’s a great thing, but it’s only the start.

There’s more work to be done.

For people like me, we don’t have the luxury of knowing where the lights go, so we’re going to have to find out where they’re going.

And we’re also going to need to figure out where our drivers are.

If you’d like to share your own experience of getting stuck in traffic, or of finding yourself stuck in a tight space on the road, please send us a message via Facebook or Twitter using the #ClearLanes hashtag.

If you’d prefer to share information about your own road safety, please share it using the hashtags #ClearTolls, #DriversSafety and #PedestrianSafety.

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