Melbourne to build ‘most powerful’ harbour container terminal in the world

Melbourne will build the world’s most powerful container terminal for freight companies, and is aiming to use the facility to deliver up to 40 million tonnes of freight per year.

Key points:The container terminal will be capable of holding up to 1.8 million tonnesThe company will pay $1 billion for the projectThe site is on a former container terminal near the Brisbane airportThe $1.1 billion project will see the terminal be constructed at the corner of the Port of Melbourne’s Harbour Freight Terminal and the Port City’s Port City Industrial Park.

Construction of the terminal will take between three and four years, according to the Victorian Government.

It will be constructed in partnership with the Melbourne Ports Authority, which will also be responsible for managing the airport’s freight traffic.

The facility is expected to be ready for use in the next two years.

The project is expected cost $1bn, with the Government providing $1 million of the total.

The Victorian Government is the project’s biggest investor and is in negotiations with several private sector players.

“The $US2 billion project is a great deal for the community, the local economy and the economy of the whole state of Victoria,” Premier Daniel Andrews said.

“This project will create more jobs in the port, provide more certainty for freight shipping and will support our regional economy.”

As a result, this project will also have a positive impact on regional tourism, the port and our local community.

“The new terminal will see freight companies like Australian Ports Authority (APA), United States Ports Authority and Westpac provide freight services to the Port, which is one of the largest shipping hubs in Australia.”

It will create new opportunities for our customers, including our own, and it will ensure we continue to be a key player in the global freight market,” Mr Andrews said in a statement.”

I am proud that this project is being undertaken in partnership by the Victorian Ports Authority.


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