The best new freight tracking companies in the U.S.

The new wave of freight tracking startups are taking off in the United States and are providing new options for those looking to get their business done efficiently.

Here’s a look at the top 10 new freight trackers, and what you need to know about them.1.

Southern California freight tracking company Estes Freight Tracker (Estes Freighter Tracker) Estes is an Atlanta-based freight tracking and shipping company.

The company’s business is based in Santa Monica, California, but it has been expanding in the past year.

Estes started in 2013 with a focus on providing a reliable, efficient, and secure shipping route to the west coast, according to a blog post about the company.

Esters also offers a network of freight rail lines, which allows its customers to track, move, and ship their goods across the Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf Coast, Midwest, and Southeast, according the blog post.2.

The Oregon-based company New Horizon FreightTrack (New Horizon FreighterTrack) The company is based out of Bend, Oregon, and has been around for several years.

It is a freight tracking startup, with a goal of helping businesses move their products safely from the West Coast to the East Coast.

New Horizon has more than 500 employees and more than 100 truckers who can help with the logistics of moving goods.3.

A new startup based in California that tracks freight by using lasers The new startup, called FreightTracker, started out as a company called “Swing” in 2011, but the name changed in 2014.

Freighttrack, which is based outside of California, started using lasers to track the movement of freight between its locations.

The lasers are mounted on trucks and used to track goods in real-time, according a company blog post, which says that the laser technology can make moving goods “the fastest, safest, and most efficient method of moving cargo.”4.

Freelance trackers in North Carolina and Georgia Freight Tracking (Freight Tracker) The startup in North Dakota is also known as FreightTracking, and it has more truckers and companies on its team.

Freights Tracking is based at the company’s headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and they are known for their “freight tracking trucks” that can move goods between its various locations in North and South Dakota.5.

Freighter tracking startup Tundra Freight (TundraFreight) Freight tracking startup TruckingLanes is based near Atlanta and is a small company that started out in 2012.

The founder, Michael Linn, said that he wanted to bring to the market a reliable way to deliver goods to customers in North America.

The FreightLanes website states that their truckers are able to “turn their truck into a self-driving truck that can navigate the entire country.”

They also offer “virtual hauling” for the truckers, according their website.6.

The new company that tracks cargo in South Korea Freighttracking (FreewayTracking) The new FreewayTracks team in South Korean, called the Freewaytracks, is based from Seoul, South Korea.

They are able track freight shipments that are going from the east coast of the country to the south.

The team is focused on bringing the freight to the West coast of North America, and the trucker that will be moving the freight is able to operate in real time.7.

FreewayTracker is based on a company that offers freight tracking in the US.

FreerTracking Freighttracking is a new startup that started in February, and according to its website, its goal is to “deliver the fastest, most reliable, and safest way to move goods across our nation’s borders.”8.

A company that uses lasers to move freight in South Africa FreightTrak is based by the University of Pretoria and has more drivers on its crew than any other freight company.

They work out of their office in Pretoria, South Africa, and operate their truck in the port of Cape Town, South African port of Gauteng.9.

A FreightTran tracking startup based out to the US Freight Tran (FreighterTran) is based just a short distance from Portland, Oregon.

The startup is based entirely in the state of Oregon, but its crew can be anywhere in the country.

Their website states the Freighttran crew can “track and move goods from our location in Oregon to the Midwest, from the Southeast, and from the Pacific Northwest.”10.

A freight tracking app in the UK FreightMapper (FrealthMapper) Freamapper is a company based in London, and is able use lasers to keep track of goods that are moving around the world.

The freamapper app has been downloaded more than 20 million times in the last year.

Freamaper also offers the ability to track shipping movements as well

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