When the feds recall thousands of freight and passenger vehicles from warehouses in D.C., what do you know about the problem?

From the Washington Times: In a small way, a federal program called warehouse freight forwarding helps alleviate a problem that threatens to put tens of thousands of people out of work.

But that’s not how it works.

The program was designed to get freight moving and to allow workers to work at home, so there is little evidence that the program has made it any easier to work, according to people familiar with its design and implementation.

The only evidence of progress, said one of the people familiar, is the increase in people who use the program to ship goods to or from warehouses, including some who have not been working for at least a year.

This is the second year that warehouses have been recalled for freight forwarding.

In December, about 1,400 freight forwarding firms in the United States reported to the Department of Labor that they had been involved in more than 5,300 instances of the problem, according a report from the Labor Department.

About 700 of the firms were in the Southeast, with a few dozen in rural areas, according the report.

More than 3,000 of the workers who reported to labor departments were from the Southeast.

The majority of the cases were from South Dakota, the Dakotas and Arkansas, according labor officials.

The Labor Department’s investigation found that the problems were not widespread.

The investigation found about 3 percent of the 5,297 workers in the warehouses it inspected were working fewer than 24 hours a week and that there were no cases of injury or death.

But a survey of about 2,200 warehouse managers found that fewer than a third of the managers reported to Labor that the warehouse’s warehouse was running at capacity.

The workers interviewed by the Labor department said they had seen fewer than 10 cases of injuries and illnesses related to the warehouse, according in part to a study of about 1.3 million records from the Department’s warehouse tracking system.

One manager said that during the past year, the number of workers working less than 24/7 dropped by more than half, from 10,500 to 6,000.

Some managers were even saying that their employees had lost their jobs, said the manager, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he feared retaliation.

“They are not really being paid,” the manager said.

“You know, people are being fired because they don’t work 24 hours.”

The manager said he was not aware of any workers who were laid off because they could not afford the shipping.

The warehouse manager said there was a large number of warehouse workers who are employed as truck drivers, and some of the drivers were not paying the truck drivers who are driving freight.

He said the workers were being paid in cash, but some drivers were getting paid in money orders, which are used to pay truck drivers.

“We had people getting fired because we didn’t pay their bills,” the warehouse manager added.

He added that the drivers he worked with were getting the truck to the ports and they were getting pay in cash.

The managers said the reason workers were not getting paid is because the drivers are not required to work 24/, they are only allowed to work during business hours.

The manager added that some of these drivers have quit and others have not.

Some of the truckers are driving a truck that was not required, so they are getting less pay than if they were driving a car.

The driver who was fired said the driver was paid in a cash amount that was less than he should have.

The truck driver said the drivers have been asked to sign a contract stating that they will not work during the month of January.

Some drivers have asked for money orders to cover the costs of transportation.

Another truck driver, who has worked for several years, said he and his co-workers have been on their third truckload in the past two weeks.

They were on their way to a store, but the driver said he had no money to buy the truck.

“I didn’t think it would be this big a problem,” he said.

Some workers said they have been told to take a few days off to take care of the injuries and to get the medical bills paid.

Some people said they were not being paid overtime, even though they work long hours and are on disability.

Some employees have said they are being asked to stay home because of the safety of their home and their jobs.

“What if something happens and we don’t pay?” one person said.

The people interviewed by The Washington Post said that the problem has been brewing for some time.

The drivers have also been asked for help, and many workers have been instructed to tell their employers if they need help.

A truck driver told The Post that he is working overtime to pay the bills and that he cannot afford to pay all of the bills.

The worker said he has lost a job, and his home has been broken into.

“There is no

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