When Will the GOP Stop Blaming the Poor?

By Tom DavisThe Republican Party is the party of the rich, and it is the GOP that is responsible for all the ills of this country.

The GOP has been the party that has allowed the wealthiest Americans to enrich themselves, and those with the least to give have been left behind.

And the GOP has also been the GOP of the poor, as the rich have been the beneficiaries of the system, and the poor have been its victims.

The Republican Party has been complicit in the theft of our country, and this has been evident for many years.

But it has only recently begun to catch up to the Democratic Party, and not just in the way it has, but in the ways it has changed.

In the last five years, the Republican Party as a whole has lost its way.

It has become too beholden to special interests.

It is becoming the party in which the rich can get away with their sins.

The last time this happened, the Democrats were able to turn things around and win back the House and the Senate, but it took them more than a decade.

The Democrats have now been in charge of both houses of Congress for two years.

And Republicans are just waiting for that perfect storm.

The Republicans have become the party to blame for everything.

The people who are most likely to suffer from the Republican’s policies and policies, in their minds, are the people who have been hurt the most by those policies.

For the last decade, the Republicans have been taking the blame for our economic problems and our job market problems.

That’s why they’ve been willing to give us the benefit of the doubt in the face of the facts.

They’ve been able to say, I know how bad things are, so why are you doing these things?

The Democrats know this and so do many Republicans.

The fact that they’re the ones who have to stand up and fight for their country’s interests and its ideals is what makes the Democrats the most hated party in America.

It’s the most divisive party in the country.

The Republican National Committee has been in full denial of this reality.

And now that it’s happened, they’ve gone from denying it to denying it.

This week, the RNC tried to blame the party for everything, even though they have made it clear that they don’t care about the facts anymore.

The chairman of the RNC, Reince Priebus, said that the GOP’s problem is the fact that its policies have failed, and that he and his colleagues want to take it back to where it should be.

And Priebus has now said that it is up to Republicans to do the right thing, to stand for the American people, and to fight to get their country back.

Priebus said on CNN that it was up to GOP leadership to make sure that the policies were put in place to make it work for all Americans, not just the wealthy few.

But I want to give you a moment to reflect on how much of an outlier Priebus is.

It doesn’t take much to imagine that he’s been on the wrong side of a national poll that finds that more than 90% of Americans think the GOP should be the party responsible for fixing the problems of the middle class.

Or that he has a record of voting against raising the minimum wage or opposing efforts to help low-income Americans get ahead.

Or, most recently, that he voted against President Obama’s efforts to expand unemployment benefits, which was supposed to help the middle-class.

These are the things that give you pause when you think about what Republicans have done in the last 10 years.

I have a theory that Priebus is trying to deflect blame from the party by saying that, since he is president, he can make things right, and by calling for Republicans to stand together against Democrats, not against President Trump.

It makes no sense.

And it doesn’t work.

If Republicans really want to fix the problems that are holding the American economy back, they have to stop blaming everyone else for everything that is wrong in this country, or they will never be able to win again.

The way the party has been behaving for the last two years, if it’s going to make a dent in the Trump-led Republican Party, they are going to have to take a serious look at what they’re doing.

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