Ports’ rail freight carriers bid farewell

A terminal at the port of Chattanooga, Tennessee, was closed Friday due to a bridge collapse.

The port announced the closure was due to the collapse of a freight rail car on the bridge, which has been in use for years.

“Due to a crane failure, a rail car fell on the Tennessee Valley Authority bridge on Friday, Sept. 27, 2017, which caused a significant portion of the bridge to collapse,” the port said in a statement.

“The bridge collapsed at the south end of the terminal building.

All vehicles on the rail car have been evacuated and will be transported to a nearby terminal building.”

The railroad is owned by Amtrak and operates in seven countries.

The U.S. Department of Transportation said the collapse occurred while an Amtrak train was in transit from Pittsburgh to Chattanooga.

The railroad said the train was inspected and the company is cooperating with the government.

The agency said the bridge has not been in service for years, and there are no known injuries or structural damage to the rail cars.

The terminal, a major passenger rail hub, has been closed since September, but it reopened last week for regular business.

The Port of Chattanooga said it has asked Amtrak to reimburse the cost of transporting the freight train.

“We appreciate the cooperation from Amtrak and look forward to reimbursing all the costs of this closure,” the Port of Tennessee said in its statement.

In January, a freight train crashed into a truck on a bridge in Kentucky.

The driver of the truck was not injured.

In 2015, a fire damaged a railcar on a freight track in Kentucky, but no one was hurt.

In 2016, a train crashed onto a bridge over the Tennessee River in Tennessee and killed a man and severely injured four people.

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