The Post-ABC News tracking data for shipping containers

The Post and the Associated Press have tracked cargo shipping containers and tracked the containers for several years, looking for patterns that might help shipbuilders better predict how the market will evolve.

The Post tracked the shipping containers used in the shipping industry, along with the containers themselves, from the mid-2000s to 2016.

It has also used the tracking data to track shipping containers sold to foreign buyers and to assess whether the containers were being used for illegal activity.

The Associated Press has tracked shipping containers for years.

But tracking data is incomplete and doesn’t provide enough information to identify which containers are actually being used to smuggle illegal drugs or weapons.

The AP and The Washington Post tracking data show that container shipping has fallen by more than 60 percent since 2015.

But that trend is continuing.

According to data from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the number of container ships used to ship drugs, weapons and other contraband has increased by about 4 percent annually.

The number of cargo ships used for the same purpose in 2016 rose by 6 percent.

But the number tracked by the AP and the Post has declined by about 20 percent since that same time.

“It’s really just one of those things where it’s not an absolute, it’s a relative metric, ” said John Sommers, the director of maritime safety at the U,S.

Coast Guard.

“And I think it’s very important to look at the trend, the change, to see what we can do to help the industry better respond to what we know is a changing market.”

Cargo containers in the U., which include all containers that carry goods, can be made of many materials, including paper, metal, plastic, wood and rubber.

They also can be used for cargo transport by rail, aircraft or container ships.

The United States has about 2,000 container ship companies, mostly based in the ports of Florida, California, Texas and other Southern states.

The vast majority are owned by U.K.-based container shipmaker Kite and its parent company British Container Services, a British company with a presence in the United Kingdom.

Container ship companies typically have fewer than 200 employees, compared to more than 5,000 at Kite.

Many are owned and operated by private companies that have no U.A.E. ties.

Many, like British Container, are run by people with no experience or training in shipping and shipping practices.

In some cases, shipping companies are run under contract with governments or foreign governments.

In others, shipping firms are run entirely by government-affiliated organizations or are controlled by political entities.

For example, a company owned by the British government was accused of operating an illegal network of warehouses, warehouses owned by an Indian company and a shipping company that is controlled by a Russian company.

The container ship industry is a global business with an enormous global footprint.

About 1.5 million containers are shipped daily to more inbound countries than the United States, including more than $2.2 trillion in cargo.

Most container ships are used to transport goods and services, but they can also be used to move people.

The U.N. estimates that the U

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