When a freight elevator hits a curb and a woman is killed in its path, her family is left to try to find answers in a town where the tragedy remains unsolved

The story of how a woman was killed in an elevator accident in suburban New York City is a grim one, but the family’s efforts to solve the case are not only making sense of it but inspiring a whole new generation of people to help solve the mystery.

The story of Lianna A. Daugherty’s death in the elevator of a New York Harbor freight elevator on May 1, 2017 has been told for more than 30 years, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Daugthasts, a group of retired people who live in Queens.

They’re a close-knit group of friends who, when not traveling, would often take turns at home with their four children and two adult daughters.

Their lives are full of joy, the Dagsons said, and the memories of their loved ones are the most painful of all.

“There’s always this memory, that this is the last time I will see my family,” said Daugthy, who retired as a senior executive in 2017.

“We had to have a funeral.

It was like a nightmare.

You couldn’t breathe.

You just wanted to get out of there.”

A former Marine Corps officer, Daugy was born in New York on June 3, 1946, and grew up in the Bronx.

Her father, Richard Daugady, is a former New York police commissioner who has served as police commissioner for over 40 years.

Her mother, Betty, was a retired nurse who died in 2008.

Daughty was a high school student when she and her older brother, Charles, were adopted by their adoptive parents in 1989.

When her father retired in the early 1990s, her mother started a nursing program at St. Joseph’s Hospital, but when her older sister, Nancy, was born, Daughy left the program and became a full-time mother.

After her father’s death, her parents separated and Daugty returned to nursing school.

Her studies helped her develop a solid working knowledge of nursing and advanced to associate nurse, but she also had her own ideas.

“I wanted to become a nurse,” she said.

“I was going to take care of all of my siblings.

I wanted to be a mom.”

When she graduated in 1990 from Queens’ St. Mary’s University with a degree in nursing, she decided to move to Manhattan to pursue a career in public health.

There, she learned that New York’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene was developing a plan to establish a “New York Harbor Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team,” a team that would act as an interagency response team to deal with a possible derailment in the harbor.

The team would be tasked with investigating a derailment that happened in the Hudson River, and would be staffed by members of the NYPD and the New York State Police.

Davengers said the team was to be formed in order to coordinate and share information with the state, which would then assist in identifying and responding to potential hazardous materials in the water.

Daugherty, who is currently working in a public health research lab at Columbia University in New Jersey, has been working as a project scientist for the team since its inception.

Dagan said she was motivated by her desire to be part of a team of people who were dedicated to solving the mystery of the accident.

“We have no clue who did it, who did the damage to the elevator,” she told The Huffington Post.

“The investigation that’s going on right now is going to be extremely difficult, but I really want to help them solve this case.

I feel like it’s something that needs to be solved.”

A number of factors came into play in the Daughthams’ deaths, but one factor that stands out to them is the manner of their deaths.

Dagin said her sister, who was 18 at the time of the derailment, was found in a state of shock in the shower with blood on her clothes.

She died of her injuries a short time later.

“The autopsy showed a wound to her throat and she had two stab wounds in her chest, but no other wounds,” Daugher said.

“It’s so important that we understand that we need to learn about this, we need help in understanding it.

That’s the whole point.

I think that’s the first reason why I feel compelled to get involved.”

The family of Liansa Daugthaighs is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for her death.

A spokesperson for the New Jersey Department of Justice told The New York Times that it would not comment on the case until the investigation is complete.

“While we cannot discuss individual cases, we take these matters seriously and have an established process in place to handle these types of cases,” a spokesperson for NJPED said.

Davengers has a message for anyone who may have

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