Harbors’ new ‘tough-to-reach’ mattress is the new ‘unbreakable’

NEW YORK—The new mattress made by Harbor Freight Liquidators is a lot more comfortable than the old one, and is more affordable.

The new model, which is made by the firm’s American freight mattress division, has been praised for its durability and the way it’s designed to break down after a load of laundry.

The mattress, called the American freight, is the latest from the company, which recently made a similar mattress for the company’s old dominion warehouse, which opened in New York City in 2015.

The new mattress is priced at $1,299.99 and is available at a variety of retailers and online.

Harbor Freight said it had made the American cargo mattress for a number of reasons.

It’s a new model that makes the bed more affordable, and it’s not just about making it easier to handle, it’s about making the mattress feel good, too.

The mattress is a product that is designed to be a “tough to reach mattress” that can be worn in a number different ways, including by someone who is more prone to tearing the mattress, said Matthew Pritchard, president of Harbor Freights.

It’s also a product with a lower cost per mattress than its predecessor, the American mattress, Pritcher said.

That means that customers won’t be getting a higher price than what they’d pay for the American, but they’re getting a mattress that is also more durable and that can break down faster than the previous mattress, he said.

Pritchard said the American has a more premium feel than the new one, but that the company was working on making the two mattresses more similar.

The American’s mattress is made of polyester and has a polyester fabric covering that is thicker than the one that came with the dominion mattress.

The American also has a foam backing, which can help absorb the weight of a load, Prieson said.

The foam can also help with the softness of the mattress and also protect against tearing.

The firm is also working on improving the material that makes up the back of the bed.

It has been used in other high-end mattresses before, and the firm has found that the material has a stronger elasticity than the material on the dominion mattresses.

Prieson also said that the firm is working on the design of a mattress with a different weight distribution that will make it less prone to cracking and the ability to take on a wider variety of load types.

Prysons company has been making high-quality mattresses for years, but it hasn’t made a high-profile product since the company made a line of low-priced, high-performance mattresses that were used in a variety, if not all, of the homes it built.

The firm said it plans to start producing its new mattress next year.

Pryeson said that in addition to the mattress being more comfortable, the firm believes it is more durable.

The company’s mattress was designed to withstand loads up to 30 pounds, Prysons said.

In addition, it has been tested in a range of temperatures from 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and has been proven to break and tear in a single wash, Pryesons said, noting that the bed is able to withstand all of that as well.

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