How to get an unclaimed cargo shed in the Nashville area

The city of Nashville’s unclaimed dockyard has been a magnet for thieves. 

In fact, according to the FBI, the city has the most unclaimed containers in the nation. 

According to the Bureau of Land Management, a total of 15,814 unclaimed property is in the city, with a total value of $17 billion. 

It’s not just a mystery of cargo. 

There are some pretty scary signs. 

The first sign that something isn’t right is when you pass a container holding up to 20,000 pounds of goods that don’t belong to you. 

“You’re not supposed to pick it up and carry it,” said one trucker who works at the unclaimed docks. 

You don’t want to know the name of that trucker. 

Then, there’s the cargo shed, which sits in the middle of a small city park, with no signage or signage of any kind. 

There are no signs for the owner or the company that owns it. 

But, a few feet away from it sits the unsecured cargo shed. 

If the truckers and their families don’t get their belongings back, they have to wait. 

A lot of the unsold cargo ends up in warehouses, and they are not all returned to their rightful owners. 

What is happening in Nashville is a nationwide problem, but it’s even more prevalent in the state of Tennessee. 

This is a problem that’s not new, said Dr. Thomas Peele, director of the Center for Maritime Security at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. 

In the past, people have stolen cargo and then put it on the street. 

Now, the trucks have to go to the docks to pick up their cargo and return it to their owners.

The problem with unclaimed warehouse cargo is that it has to be unloaded and transported to its rightful owners before it can be picked up and transported. 

That means there’s a lot of paperwork involved and the owner has to get approval from a court order before they can be released from custody. 

So, people who have been locked out of their property and have no idea where they can go are left stranded, and it can mean losing their homes. 

Some are even going to lose their jobs. 

It’s been estimated that about 80% of unclaimed land in the U.S. is owned by the owner, but a lot more people don’t have that information. 

Peele said that it’s not easy for people to get the information they need, and that’s why the Center is working with the Nashville Metro Council to get information out there. 

While Nashville’s docks are often used for cargo shipping, it’s been reported that the unowned docks can also be used for other activities. 

One of the first reports of this happened in October of 2017, when a man was accused of breaking into a cargo shed and stealing about $100,000 worth of merchandise. 

And, according the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, there were more than 700 unclaimed unclaimed properties in Nashville in 2017. 

For more information, go to our story on unclaimed warehouses and unclaimed goods.

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