When will you see me at the Port of Vancouver?

When will I see you?

It’s a big, big question, isn’t it?

So, I’m going to take a guess.

I’m assuming we’ll see you on Monday, August 31st.

That would be the third time this year we’ve been lucky enough to see you.

We’ve been waiting patiently, waiting patiently.

It’s time to see how far we can push these shipbuilders.

What we’re about to find is that the port is looking to spend $4.5 billion on new facilities to accommodate the next wave of shipbuilding, which will see the country’s largest container ships entering service in the coming years.

The port’s first container terminal will be located at the north end of the port, just north of the wharf.

That will allow the port to quickly begin constructing a new, $4 billion terminal and storage facility to house shipping containers.

The first container shipping terminal will open in 2019.

The second is expected to open in 2021.

All three facilities are expected to generate about $500 million in economic activity each year.

In a world of growing global demand for containers, Canada’s shipbuilding industry is on the front line.

With the global trade surplus in containers on the rise and the U.S. leading the world in container exports, the Port has a critical role to play in creating a sustainable and prosperous supply chain for Canadians.

And it’s not just about creating jobs.

Canada’s supply chain is one of the world’s most resilient.

The Port’s two new terminals are expected not only to be a boost to our ports but also a boost for the local economy as they complement a long-standing commitment by the Port to invest $6.5 million in new jobs in the region over the next 10 years.

For the first time in our history, our ports are providing a new and better way to export to markets around the world.

This project is part of our long-term plan to modernize our ports to meet the changing global supply chain and help ensure the Port continues to be the global hub of container movement.

We are making great progress on our new terminal, but it’s going to require significant investment.

The project will be funded by two major sources: the Port’s own capital budget and the $4 million it will spend on job creation.

The $4m is not a lot of money, but the Port is a global leader in container shipping and it will contribute to our economic prosperity.

The other $4million is to be used to help the Port attract the next generation of container shipbuilders and create thousands of new jobs.

That $4,500 million is not the end of it, but that’s a start.

This will be a challenging project, and we will need the help of industry to bring it to fruition.

We know it takes a lot to attract new shipbuilders, and the Port and our suppliers have worked very hard to ensure that this project can be completed and that we can continue to invest in our ports.

We will also need to be successful in attracting new shipbuilding talent to the Port.

We need skilled, well-trained and motivated individuals who have the passion and desire to build, operate and maintain our ports, which is why we are looking for the next big shipbuilders in this sector.

We have been fortunate to have several talented and dedicated candidates and are confident that our selection process will lead to a talented and successful team.

We’ll also need the support of a strong, committed and dedicated public-private partnership.

We believe this is the best way to meet our goals and make sure we can ensure the continued development and success of the Port as it works to become a globally recognized container shipping hub.

What does this mean for the Port?

First, it’s good news.

The new facility will be built at a time when we have significant capacity to support the growing global supply of container ships.

This facility will increase the Port capacity to more than 700 containers a day, which we have been working to achieve for several years.

It will also allow the Port, which currently is a member of the United States International Container Services Association (USICSA), to offer additional services to our international customers and enhance the Ports capacity to export more containers in the future.

This is good news for Canadians, our partners and the Canadian economy.

The ability to export containers to international markets will be crucial for the economic prosperity of the whole country, and this project will help us make that happen.

Second, this project is significant for the port.

The shipping industry in Canada is undergoing a massive transformation.

It has been a decade since the collapse of the Soviet Union and we have seen an explosion of container shipping, and that will continue to grow.

Canada is poised to become the number one container port in the world, and it has a long and successful history of supporting our export industry.

The fact that this facility is coming online is good for us and good

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