Which tools ship freight to you and what you can expect to pay?

Posted September 09, 2018 12:09:40A new book on the “shipping” of goods by the company behind Uber is now available in Australia, and it is packed with advice on how to get goods from the harbour to your doorstep safely.

Key points:Uber’s new “shipped goods” book will help drivers navigate the shipping of their goodsThe book is a compilation of the most useful tips and tricks availableUber is one of the largest companies in Australia and has long been known for its “shipper’s aid”.

But its “ships” app has become the go-to tool for a range of industries, including food delivery, logistics and retail.

The company says it ships about 90 per cent of its goods from Australian ports and is offering a wide range of services for those looking to ship their goods.

“Shipping services are a vital part of the economy of Australia and we offer a wide array of shipping options, from cargo containers to small parcels,” Uber said in a statement.

“In addition to being a key part of our shipping strategy, shipping services allow our drivers to connect directly with the companies that they are shipping to and pick up their products as quickly as possible.”

Here’s what you need to know about shipping.

Uber ships to more than 120 countriesUber’s “shippers aid” service will help you get to and from the port safelyUber says that the “shipment of goods” includes all kinds of goods from furniture to furniture boxes, cars to cars, furniture to boxes, and even a lot of boxes of food to the customers.

The book also provides some useful tips on how you can get your goods to the warehouse safely.

It can be a bit daunting to get started with Uber’s shipping services.

But once you know how to do it, the benefits will be worth it.

“We ship our goods by sea, air and parcel to customers around the world, providing them with secure, low-cost and reliable transportation to and through their destination,” Uber’s website said.

“With the app you can find out where the goods you want to ship will be arriving in your local area, and you can even book shipping on your smartphone or tablet to be delivered directly to your door.”

The company has already launched a range to help drivers get their goods to customers.

“The company’s Shipping Services team will be able to help you navigate the logistics of the shipping process to ensure that your goods are delivered as quickly and safely as possible,” the company said.

The book’s cover image shows a picture of an Uber van with a sign for “Shipping” on the side.

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